Saturday, December 31, 2016

Culinary Review: Colette & Lola

Stop by here because of the design of this place was unique, like a carousel with a stand surrounded by colorful horses. Colette & Lola is provide a cake and meals when I read their book of menu but it was not all their resto branch having brunch menu, there is other branch were only provides of drinks and desserts only.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Culinary Review: Brownies Dear_Brownie

My young sister brought for me red velvet and green tea brownies as gift. That brownies currently such a hit in Malang, she said. The brownies appearance was cute but when I try to eat that hmm it's too sweet in my tongue, and the brownies taste was not as good as it appearance. Just so so. But this is according to my taste experience and opinion so let say it was my version. Because my younger sister said that her friends really like this and they think it is delicious. But this brownies actually a healthy homemade one, worth to eat.
Note that the tast feels so much more bearable after I put in the refrigerator.

Want to try eating this brownie? You can order this via instagram dear_brownie.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recipe: Crispy Fried Banana with Cheese Filling


Crispy fried banana with cheese is one of my favorite foods while still in college, well if I remember back then I was willing to walk quite far just to buy the bananas fried cheese. If I decide to cook by my own it maybe will waste many banana that purchased because we can just buy bananas for one or two piece back then. And I also do not capable to eat all by myself and off course it will be so expensive anyway. 1 portion of crispy fried banana will cost me 3,500 IDR, I do not know if they're still sell it or not.

Because I miss eating this food so much, so I buy crispy fried bananas not far from my home, but crispy banana that sell near my house has a different version with what I craved for so much. They made crispy banana shaped long and mixing flour with a topping of cheese, not cheese filling. So I already decided to make it by myself.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Recipe: Fried Bread Roll

Which food that you love to cook?
If asked so, I'll be so confused huh... I'd like to eat vegetables and also love to cook it, what food that I love to cook usually affected by the same favorite food. Yes, right?

Besides cooking for rice, side dishes and vegetables... I also like to make a quick snack sometimes I modified some recipe or by my own idea, sometimes I cook by easy recipes that I found from anywhere.

Well this is the most common food I make as a drink coffee companion, it will be nice when I eat it with coffee or tea while read a book (or blogging). I also often made it for my husband lunch at work. I named it fried bread roll. So easy to cook without a lot of complicated thing, but don't left it even for a second if you do not want it overcooked ;p

The ingredients is also not much, so of course you can made it easily.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Topping Donut

I just want to make the snacks but they still lazy to use the oven, so I decide to make a simple donut. Please note if you want to make donut as well as me that it is not require complicated tools just a few bowls for dough, pans and it's soulmate, and damp cloth. It an really made for you who live in boarding school who were want to eat tasty donuts, as long as your boarding house have kitchen facilities and equipment needed.. The recipe also easily practiced anyway :)

Wheat flour as you want
2 egg yolks
Salt (just a little)
Baking powder
Cooking oil

Well, if you want to make it but you don't have much time to learn how to cook it. So can use that already mixed premix powder dry, it can be found and bought in pastry shops. But IMHO preferably homemade mix by ourself anyway :)

Wet cloth / plastic wrapping
Frying pan and crockery
Bowls for dough

dark cooking chocolate
Or whatever as you like

How to cook :
1) Mix all the dry ingredients and stir
2) Enter the egg yolks and butter mix well
3) Knead and add a little water to get a good texture, remember not too watery dough. If dilute be difficult to set up.
5) Knead until smooth and cover the dough with a damp cloth (after wetted squeezed so as not to drip yes) or plastic wrap, let sit for approximately 60 minutes
6) The dough will usually inflate doubled from the original, rounded dough, flatten and shape the donut until the dough runs
7) Leave it for 30 minutes
8) Prepare the oil and frying pan until hot, fry the donuts until browned
9) Drain and leave it until not too hot

While waiting our donut not too hot after fry, let's make the topping then.

10) Melt the cooking chocolate or dark cooking chocolate, put in a small bowl heat resistant. Prepare a pan of water half full, put the bowl in a pan of water and simmer until all the chocolate melts
11) Dip in melted chocolate donuts alternately until all donut were topped
12) Sow sprinkle, meses or whatever as you want. In my photo above, I topped my donut with a sweet candy sprinkle. There is also a donut that use cream cheese and a sprinkling of oreo.
13) Serve it, eat it!

Tips. First time I make the donuts,  I use recipes that use only one egg and managed but not too soft, a little hard though it tastes good. Maybe I am less okay when practice the recipe,  add the eggs then for turned out softer
Have a nice try ...;)


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Recipe: Warm Sapo Tofu

In the rainy season like nowadays, I always wanted to eat warm food and soupy :))
Because a friend of mine request recipes that can be easily made, practical and can be cooked easily even we live in boarding house with minimal kitchen appliance. I think that this food can really be cooked easily at boarding house even by simply using Magicom.


Ingredients :
- 1 Cauliflower (can also be replaced broccoli) per flowerets cut into pieces, soaked with salt water, wash
- 2 silk tofu or japanese tofu, cut into slices and fried brown (for the more efficient it can be replaced with ordinary tofu, for you who only have minimal cooking appliance like magicom buy already cooked fried tofu for made it easier)
- 3 sausage ready to eat or cook (well, if you only have uncooked sausage, fry it for a minute) and cut as you want
- 1/2 onion sliced lengthwise
- 2 cloves garlic, minced
- Cayenne pepper to taste
- 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
- 1 tablespoon of chilli sauce
- 1 tablespoon soy sauce
- Sugar, salt and ground pepper to taste
- 1 tablespoon cornstarch, dissolved in water in a small cup
- Water
- 1 tablespoon of cooking oil for sauteing

How to cook:
1) Saute onion, minced garlic, cayenne pepper until fragrant
2) Put the cauliflower, stir then add water to boil and cooked
3) Put the sausage, fried silken tofu, oyster sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, salt pepper powdered sugar and mixing cornstarch + water 
4) Stir, let it boil for a few moments mixed
5) Serve

Most delicious served when warm, it made our belly and heart so warm *ouch: D especially if we minced much chilli there, I love it. Oh and photo taken when tofu sapo still in this skillet so the appearance errr... :p Although not 'instagramable' but tasty!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Culinary Review: Bakso Jagalan 87

When it rains in Surabaya, I actually really want to eat warm meatballs soup. Meatballs I want to eat is Bakso Jagalan 87. The first I used to eat here because I just want to eat meatballs soup or bakso in list of Indonesian food. I heard Bakso Jagalan 87 food stall was famous with it taste. And it is really true even the price maybe caused you shock. The price was pretty pricey when you compare it with other meatball place.
I've been so long wanted to eat this again but because some condition my wishlist not yet accomplished. When it finally happen, it was a long rainy day in Surabaya.
When I got there, the place was crowded as well. There are still many cars pulled over and popped into the meatball place. Although this meatball place is in front of regular stores that closed in the night, like most other stalls that lined the Jagalan area.
I ordered a half serving of bakso kikil or meatball mix with part of cow legs, my husband ordered half serving of regular meatballs.

There are two types of portions that offered, jumbo and a half servings. The type of meatballs itself there are has several kinds regular mix (meatballs, tofu and fried shumai), regular meatballs mix with kikil (part of cow legs) and regular meatball mix with ribs. Kikil that I ordered with mix meatball poured into the bowl is not just a few, there is soo many kikil in my bowl. Picture is above, you can see it clearly.

A half portion like we ordered is actually not recommended if you want t eat here because the price difference is not much when we compare with jumbo. But because me and my husband have eaten dumplings first so our tummy can't accommodate many more food. Jumbo serving itself is more like a meatball in a very big bowl instead of regular bowl. Even if you have not eaten all day long, you can be more than satisfied enough when you eat Jagalan 87 jumbo serving meatball.

A half serving of meatball mixed with kikil cost me approximately 50,000 (I do forget the exact price) and the jumbo set jus IDR 65.000. So if you stopping by in Bakso Jagalan 87, please not that you should not bring not much money because the price was premium and we don't know when the owner will raised the price.

Expensive? It is expensive when compared with general meatballs food stall in the area of Surabaya. But in my opinion who often watched tv investigative cases, relatively comparable to guarantee 100% halal food and contain no chemicals that were displayed in the banner. Although, according to husband opinion, he believe it's way too expensive.
This meatball stall is open when evenings. Although many people think it was so expensive but for meatball stall that in front of closed store, this place was quite crowded and the customers kept coming.

Curious with the taste?

Culinary Review: Wagyu Smith

wagyu tenderloin
Maybe it too late to writing there, but I have to. I miss eating great steak on 2013 when I'm still trainee at Surabaya in my prev company. I miss the taste of Holycow, in that time Holycow just open their branch on Jakarta, nothing more. Do you know I should wait for business trip to Jakarta if I really want to eat it. But no I don't need to do it because I can find nearest branch not far from my home.

On another over-time working day, me and my friend popped into Wagyu Smith Restaurant in one of the famous mall at Surabaya. I've been so curious about the taste of wagyu steak that include to the name of the restaurant. I read a few review about this and they write it has a great taste wagyu steak anyway. We expected the taste with worth their premium price. And could making us willing to take our time to stop by returning despite fairly premium price later.

I have to admit the plice was nice and has comfortable atmosphere for dinner, I love it.
I ordered wagyu tenderloin steak that time and my friend eat the wagyu burger. Sure... quite edible but I found out that tasty marinade less penetrated into the flesh and there was still musty 'beef' that not completely stripped away. Looks like meat marinade seasoning just stuck on the surface, but not seep enough deep on the meat. Hmm.

I still adore the taste of Holycow more and nothing beat it until now.

But I hear that the restaurant dessert was super delicous, so might as well be visit this resto again next time for trying the dessert :P

Monday, October 31, 2016

Culinary Review: Cake in Jar by Kiting Cake

My sister bought the cake from the online shop because she know I likes chocolate, oreo and any type of cheese. My little sister purchasing the cake from an online shop via instagram that selling very famous cake in a jar, @kitingcake. Cake in a jar is a kind of cupcake that put into the jar with a lid so it can be shipped anywhere. According so many testimonial uploaded by this online shop, that is mostly people told us the cake taste was so great. So I'm automatically drooling and wanted to taste that cake in jar.

When the cake arrived at my office I place it to my office refrigerater. When it getting cold enough, I take it from refrigerator and ready to eat these cake.

Its texture is soft enough anyway. The chocolate is little bit of too much sweetness. It made with so many oreos but unfortunately I can not taste the cheese. Hmm this cake actually not satisfying cheese fan like me. And for packaging? Please do not ask again... drop-dead gorgeous and convincing. One cake in jar priced around 45k-50k anyway. It does not matter anyway for me to pay that much, but I think that cake is expensive because no other than just packaging.

Repurchase? I don't think so..

So this is my personal review, it well worth a try for the curious. But if you found out differences opinion with me, so it still reasonable because maybe we have different favorite taste. If you think as same as me so just reconsider and know that what you bought is the experience, not that actually taste. Haha stay positive!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Culinary Review: Churreria Cafe - Spanish Chocolatier

I just want to try to eat some food at this cafe because it looks so cozy, and there is mille crepes on the menu *yap mille crepes is one of many cake that I like so much ermm as much as cheesecake.

Cherreria main menu is churros, a type of pastry made long-term and cursory resemblance fried cakwe ;P but believe me it taste so much different. There are several kinds of making churros, left long-length with dipping chocolate, cutted and processed as below. Funny though it use oreo biscuits too. And the chocolate taste seriously delicious. At my first visit, I order churros with oreo like this photo below.

I've coming again for ordering the other menu: my favorite mille crepes, drinking something - I forget the drink name but there is topped with oreo too. Mille crepes more taste like vanilla cake. Mille crepes is a cake made from stacks of thin soft crepe with cream but the cream which topped there doesn't taste too much creamy. The cream is light and tasty, not the kind of sticky cream on our mouth and over sweet. Mille crepes here served with vanilla sauce and vanilla ice cream.

mille crepes ;)
 Tasty drink also, but unfortunately I drink it too fast because I am thirstyyy :D

Well the waiters still waiting for more people coming to this cafe, I think because it's still pretty early so was only me and two other people were sitting at separate tables. Oh yes, I've takeaway the chocolate cheesecake. It melted in my mouth and the chocolate mix together with the cheese. A slightly bitter chocolate with not really lots of sugar was my favorite. Type of chocolate flavors that I like :D But because I save this on refrigerator and being eaten when I'm so hungry so I don't get a chance to take some photos! :p

I would love to came here again and again :D

push it, the waiters will came to you

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Cook Ideal Fried Sausage

When cooked, sausage will expand faster and feels a little crispy on the outer surface, while the interior if we bite will bring the taste of meat and sausage seasoning blends or other flavors are cooked along with the sausage. Maybe you prefer to cook sausage in a way to fry, bake or broil sausage then you can learn some simple steps in cooking sausages with perfect results. Well here is how to cook the sausage in a way to fry properly. You can check whether the measures are you doing in cooking sausages for this is correct or not? Or for those of you who have never cooked sausage itself can apply this way.

How to Cook Ideal Fried Sausage
# 1 Heat the pan on the stove
Turn the burner to medium flame, place the flat griddle pan models on the stove and wait a few minutes until hot. When the pan starts to heat marked by gave off fumes from the surface then you are ready to cook.

# 2 Add a little oil
Sausages are usually quite thick and greasy so you do not need to add more oil in the pan is too much, just add a little oil. But if you prefer to eat the sausages fried in plenty of oil and more krispy then you can add a bit much on the oil pan.

# 3 Put the sausages into the frying pan when the oil is hot
Carefully place the sausages in a frying pan one by one.

In a frying sausage, separated by the distance between the sausages so not touching each other. Such separation is essential when cooking so that each side of sausage can be cooked as it should not be hindered by the other side of sausage. If the sausage should we cook quite a lot then it means we have to cook sausage with gradual.

# 4 Cook until browned on both sides
After putting sausage in a frying pan, for a moment let the sausage remains in position without flipping and disturb beforehand. Only after a few minutes, flip side of sausage and turning and turning regularly every few minutes until the sausage to brown both sides. Time sausages to be cooked and browned determined by the size of sausages. If you are cooking the sausages that are large then it will take longer for you always wait for the process of cooking up sausages to be cooked and browned.

# 5 Sliced ​​sausage into two parts if it wants to reduce the cooking time
The cooking process can be very long if we cook the sausages were too big and fat. Waiting until sausage being cooked may cause you get bored. To reduce the cooking time, if you can not wait until cooked well then before putting sausages into the frying pan you can cut the sausage into two flat pieces lengthwise in accordance with the length of sausage. Sausage better when thinner because it will cook faster if it is cooked. In the process of frying tap-tap sausage surface is also so completely exposed to the hot frying pan and immediately well cooked..

So happy trying!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Recipe: How to Cook Simple Fried Bread Rolls

What foods that I interested to cook?
If I being asked like that, hmm I think I'm so confused to answer haha. I love to eat vegetables, so I'd like to cook vegetables. I do love to cook all my favorite food and husband's too. Usually people like to cook their favorite food, isn't it? Well I'm too.

Besides cooking for some 'heavy foods' like rice, some pasta, side dishes and vegetables... I also like to make a quick snack, sometimes I made some of cake or other snack based of some recipe in magazine or I'm having fun with modified the recipe itself.

Well this is the most common food I often made when I feel to drink a cup of coffee and read a book (or writing on my blog), I cook it so many for husband lunch at work too. I name it fried roll bread. You can cook it fast  and so easy without a lot of things that made is failde. But yes you can not left it if you do not want it overcooked. The ingredients is not much, applicable even for you who live in boarding house.

White bread without the edges or plain white bread, remove the crusts
Butter for frying

Cheese slices, can also be varied with grilled sausages or chocolate peanut butter

Tools needed :
Pan or nonstick skillet for frying
Wooden spoon
Cutting board
Rolling pin

How to make :
1) Take a loaf of bread and put it onto the cutting board, remove the crusts and roll it with rolling pin until flat
2) After the bread's edges being cutted and flat, put on it anything you like such as cheese or sausages or chocolate butter
3) Roll the bread with it's fill, then glue the bread with egg yolk so the bread does not opened when it was being fried
4) Repeat steps 1-3 until we have had enough of roll bread with filling
5) Heat the butter over the pan, fry the bread rolls with butter until brownish
6) Pick up from the fry pan, ready to be served.
It's so yummy if being eaten while warm with a cup of coffee, tea or any drink you like. So delicious, the melted cheese inside a bread roll, addicting!

Have a try! :D

Friday, September 30, 2016

Culinary Review: Tteokbokki and Jajangmyeon

So meanwhile when my sister came to Jakarta, she really wants to eat Tteokbokki and jajangmyeon Korean food. Because if we trying it out in a Korean restaurant itself, we somehow lil bit cautious about the halal status, so we decided to buy from the online shop selling halal Korean food products. The Tteokbokki made by the seller herself anyway. My sister and I bought a package that contains tteokbokki, oden, dumpling and jajanmyeon.

Indeed, as a fan of Korean dramas, Tteokbokki looked awful and spicy with color. But when it already being cooked hemm ... turned out not match with our expectation. I expect tteokbokki is similar with cilok (aci dicolok) in Korean snacks style, it's kind of lil bit tasty anyway... and there's odeng that made from tofu and we mixed it well.

Actually it quite delicious, but seriously it doesn't fit well in East Java tongue like mine who is obsessed with chili and all things spicy. Although it looks spicy, but tteokbokki has sweet sauce as topping.

Ah if I know about that I will only boiled partially of it and the leftovers will continuously dipped in special sauce of Surabaya made by Bu Rudi (Mrs. Rudi)/
So it's about how much our pay for the experience. Fuhh.
The taste of odeng which made from tofu is also awful in fact, and that dumpling too.

But surprisingly the Jajangmyeonnya was soo tasty and delicious. Jajangmyeon is black noodles with soy sauce. Seriously delicious ... but - again - it not as spicy as I expected. Heheh * brb put more sambal for topping*

It was difficult for me and my sister who the big fans of spicy and indonesian tasty food even we adore korean dramas and it look like soo tasty when we watched the drama heheh. Without sambel-or spicy sauce that much or instant noodle, I thought having to stay some time in Korea will be lovely. But not for so long time ofcourse.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to Clean Up Your Gas-Stove by Yourself

pic source: Sunlight

As a user and owner of a gas stove, it is important to scheduling clean-up activities of the gas stove. Moreover, if the gas stove that we use is gas-type induction cooker, spills cooked food at its surface would interfere appearance of the kitchen and our kitchen will look dirty and messy.

Clean stove that we use is very important to maintain the cleanliness of  food we cook so the leftovers do not stick and kept near the stove in addition to hygiene and prolong the lifetime of the gas stove. How to clean a gas stove if we want to do it ourselves? Follow these simple tips.

How to Clean Gas-Stove by Yourself

# 1 Make sure the appliance is switched off and not in use
It's important to ensure that the stove that we want to clean up was being switched off. If we just use the stove to cook, then turn off the heat and let the stove slowly lower the temperature until completely in normal temperature. We need to do this procedure to keep us out of danger while cleaning the stove.

# 2 Use dish soap
To clean the stove with anything ready to use in our kitchen, then use dishwashing soap. It would be better if the dish soap that we use is Sunlight Double Power for thorough deep cleaning the oil stains and grease attached to the stove. Why? It because the gel concentrates are able to clean grease and oil stains more numerous and effective. If our gas stoves is induction type, do not use too much water for clean it. Take a regular bowl and mix water to dissolve Sunlight and set aside.

# 3 Clean the stove using a sponge
To clean a gas stove using Sunlight is actually very easy and anyone can do it if they already know how easy to clean by themselves. Before you start cleaning using sunlight, wipe the stove using a dry sponge so the crumbs leftovers will be eliminated. Then soak the sponge into a mix of water with Sunlight in a bowl and squeeze it until foamy. The sponge will clean up grease and fat from the entire gas stove until completely clean.

# 4 Rinse
Rinse the gas stove by soaking a dry sponge or a dry cloth in warm water and then clean the entire of the stove from soap.

# 5 Let it dry
Dry the gas stove by wiping the entire stove with a soft dry cloth and then leave it for 1-2 hours until completely dry and voila! Your stove have been ready for use again.

So what do you think? Very easy, isn't it?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How To Take Care Your Kitchen Tools

  • In order long-lasting wood cutting boards and free from residual pieces of vegetable / meat, apply a few drops of oil.
  • To prevent your new kitchen tool which made from wood free from the smell of some food, soak overnight with mixed water and white vinegar before use .
  • Food filter which made of metal will dry quickly in a way heating it in the oven for 2 minutes. Use gloves to pick it up.
  • Blunt kitchen scissors can be sharp again if we use it to cut the sandpaper.
  • Boil water that has been spiked with vinegar in a new frying pan before use. This prevents the food becoming sticky when fried.
  • To check the scales are accurate or not, weigh some of types of goods which have certain weight. Select the items that have been packed such as margarine, cheese, and more. Because in the packaging legibly the net weight of the goods.
  • To lean tableware made of plastic, soaking in water mixed with baking soda for 10 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water.
  • To clean kitchen tools made from aluminum has turned black, boil some liters of water, mixed with 2 tablespoons cream of tartar. Boil for 10 minutes and then scrub.
  • Sprinkle flour over spill oil or fat and then scrub. Oil or fat will be easily separated and removable. Flour can seep an oil and also prevent the spread to other places. But remember, do not try to cleaning it with a paper towel or cloth.
  • To clean up the grater after grating, simply grate the raw potato. All the cheese is left in the holes of grater will carry over.
  • To clean stained kitchen tools which made from plastic, soak in one bucket of warm water mixed with 1 small bowl of bleach. Leave for 20 minutes, after that take and wash clean. For finishing, wash as usual using dish-washing soap and warm water.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Recipe: How to Cook Indonesian Oxtail Soup

One of soup dishes that are very popular in Indonesia is oxtail soup. This soup was one of indonesian food that adore by many people. Savory broth with oxtail meat were delicious certainly for your family tastes.

Oxtail soup were so popular even one brand of instant noodle made a series of their products adopting the taste of oxtail soup.


½ kg oxtail, boiled until tender, remove the dirty water
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 red onions, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 leaves of orange, ripped rough
1 leek, tied
2 stalks celery, tied
1 cinnamon stick, crushed
½ nutmeg, crushed
1 large carrot, cut as you want
1 potato, cut as you want
1.5 liters of water
bouillon powder
Salt, sugar and pepper as much as you like


Step 1:
Saute canola oil, onion, garlic, lime leaves, leeks, celery, cinnamon, and nutmeg until fragrant.

Step 2:
Add oxtail, salt, sugar, pepper, and mix well. Set aside.

Step 3:
Boil water, and added the bouillon powder then mix and stir

Step 4:
Insert pieces of carrots and potatoes into boiling water and cook for 15 minutes until cooked.

Step 5:
Enter oxtail stir into the broth, cook until done.

Serve with chunks of fresh tomatoes and other ingredients.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How To Minimize Nausea When You Cook Chicken Curry And You Mistaken With A Coconut Milk

This is my journal when at first time I cook for chicken and mushrooms curry without instant spices. About to more than 5 years ago I think, but it still written on my journal so I bring it here so you can take a tips.

I take care the process by myself from beginning to ready being eaten. I usually just bought instant spices and seasoning then I just mix all the ingredients. And I realized one thing after I take care of raw chicken by washing and cleaning managed to make me feel bad. I cant tell that it is bad for my appetite, but since I had already purchased the chicken so I think I should eat that. Organic chicken not that cheap for purchase, and yeah it is an organic chicken so it won't hurt.

Usually when we are cooking chicken curry together, my sister is the one who cleans the chicken so that is ready to put in the stew seasoning. I think I don't want to cook raw chicken again with my own care process from the beginning, uh ... * horror active mode. At home we usually make this food with raw coconut milk but we maintain to produce coconut milk consistency are a little thin, not too thick. So this is the first time I use instant coconut milk for cooking and I was surprised that the levels of consistency it seems beyond my expectations. This is thicker consistency coconut milk I ever met.

Moreover I can't find any ginger, lime leaves (which is said to relieve nausea in dishes with coconut milk) and lemongrass in a stall, all of them drying extremely, because shop owners have no refrigerator to store it. But unfortunately I really need them because I made mistake when putting all coconut milk I have, I need to put them for taste correction. With the thick consistency of coconut milk, my chicken curry made me nausea whenever I taste it.

The taste of salty and spicy flavor on that chicken curry somehow could not be mixed well with a savory taste of the thick coconut milk. So I try to squeezed lime and stir to blend the lemon extract with chicken curry. It fillany mixed, I stir it again and take some for taste... I smile happily because the nausea feel from coconut flavor was a little faded. I mix it again and squeezed a little more lemon juice and curry flavor dense thick coconut milk that makes it more thinning the nausea feel again. So it feels lighter, and I found out a balance mixing between spices and coconut milk. Eventually this could be eaten and I know how to solve this problem, hehe ... * tacky me when I wrote that just might not know the solution well like this? There is still a lot to learn for me.

Maybe that's why my aunt told me to buy no more food outside and cook my own meal in the boarding house, try things that I had never experienced. Before this, I has big dependent on food stalls. And of course to be able cooking some food, it's always takes a long process of trial and error ... if error error that was already perceived so it must sooner or later will never be a big problem anymore right?

I just now actually realize that it is true, the most expensive good teacher is a teacher named experience.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Street Food Hunter : Satay Chan

A       : "Hey look it this" *sent a photo*

Me    : "What it is?"
B       : "Hmmm its a new culinary in Malang?I've been trying it in Semarang. Everyone's name it                     Can can hmm I forget, but its very spicy"
A       : "Yup and its a delicious hmmm one is not enough... Satay chan satay chan..."

After having a long time discussion, we decide to have a dinner time in the satay chan in another time. Yesterday I visited my friend to pick my flash disk. Coincidentally Malang was raining and its make hungry. Becoming a headline in our community the day before I become curious then my friend and I decide to go to the Satay Chan stand. She said that she forgot the address but we find it YAY!! Here it is
its a satay chan stand

Grilling satay chan

Satay Chan ready to serve

Okay, you may curious Satay Chan? What it is? What is the difference between satay chan and another satay?

Satay chan is a satay (of course) from chicken meat that grill without ketchup and peanut sauce its why satay chan have a white colour and the side dish is spicy sauce (contain of chilli, onion, and garlic) with lime. So the difference between satay chan and another satay is the seasoning. For you that like spicy food you must try this food and for everyone who are dieting its a safe dish for you hehe.

I'll give a review for satay chan. It's a delicious satay and unique cause have a different colour with spicy sauce (it's like "sambal bawang//onion sauce") for me, but its very nice for your hungry SOS maybe sometimes you can make challenge "Satay Chan challenge". I give a 9/10 for satay chan. Ah, maybe its a recommendation for owner maybe next time make a level of spiciness. Its more challenging, right? FYI Satay Chan logo is "Satay Chan with Japaness letter" but I'm not sure if Satay Chan originally from Japan or there is a reason like to persuade people. But I like the stand design feel like a food street in the neighbour country.

Address : Corner of Jl. Welirang near of Bebek Pak Slamet Jl. Merapi

Media Social

IG: @sataychan      Facebook:                       
Price  : Satay chan : Rp 18.000      Lontong  : Rp. 2000

Open   : Everyday at 8 p.m

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Recipe: How to Make Chicken Wing Looks Delicious

What is your favorite part of chicken you like? Almost all of you answer breast chicken is your favorite part, but come-on guys you so yesterday....

You know what's in this era people are crazy to make something more delicious than we're expecting. Chicken foot which indonesian mention as "ceker ayam" transform become a delicious food if the chef mix them with spicy seasoning with the level of spiciness and everyone like it and willing to queue up.

Then what should we do to make wing chicken delicious as breast chicken even we need an extra time to eat them (cause almost part of wing chicken containing bones)??
What about make it like Korean food?? Almost scene of Korean drama shows that the cast eats a wing chicken with Korean sauce. Okay, let's cook it!!!!

Chicken wings
Seasoned flour

1. Wash chicken well and add salt, pepper, coriander, garlic, and onion (that has been mashed). Mix it and refrigerate it about 60 minutes.
2. Prepare flour in the bowl
3. Mix flour and seasoned flour
3. Prepare egg in the bowl
4. Insert chicken in the flour than to the egg bowl and back to the flour
5. Last step insert it to breadcrumb and mix it
6. Put chicken into the frying pan and make sure that heat oil in heavy temperature to make wing chicken meat well done
7. Enjoy it with teriyaki, barbeque, black pepper, or cheese sauce (an instant sauce that you can find it in the supermarket)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Craving For Crabs in "Cut The Crab" Restaurant - Kelapa Gading Jakarta

So sorry for my late updates. I'm kind of busy lately.

On weekend, I agreed to meet my good friend Monik in Cut the Crab, a seafood resto concept of eating at a table directly seafood you have ordered. Eating at the table without a plate and other eating instruments. Before many similar concept restaurants this time, I thought Cut the Crab was the pioneer resto that allow their customers to eat sea food by eating at the table.

At that time we ordered soft shelled crabs that can be directly eaten without  peeled because I was again cold and fever, super hungry and wanted a quick meal. We ordered set menu package per serving. We booked a package of soft-shelled crab with scallops, shrimp, sausage and broccoli. 2 servings of rice and unsweetened tea.

After ordered, the waiter immediately lining our table with plastic and oil paper and he gives an apron logos cut the crab to avoid splashing food while enjoying the meal. When the order is ready to be served, the waitress carefully opened the plastic packs containing food that we ordered on our table.

Ooohh so this is our crab being served. Anyway... we've seen so many corn and potato side dishes plus it looks soo tasty *slurp haha ​*. I realized that I was starving.

It's cooked and topped using the Padang seasoning sauce. Tasty anyway, crab crispy, tasty sausages and seashell, corn and sweet potato. Little bit complicated because we have to eat the sea shell after removed the shell first. All tasty to be honest, but my tongue is still lacking kicking marinade. What may be the height of my expectations huh? It's lil bit difficult because I actually expected that the crab curry will be so spicy. But it's not. Hm.

This restaurant is so cozy, they offer friendly service and food that we want served hardly fast. We can eat while had so long chit chat and there is a small mosque, if you need to pray so don't be worry for it.

Oh yeah I forgot to photographed all the menu sheet, but price of each food menu at this restaurant packages is start from around 100,000 per person.

Do you seafood junkie? You need to try these.

Restaurant name : Cut The Crab
Location : Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara / North Jakarta - Indonesia
Price : start from 100,000 per person

Friday, July 15, 2016


We made this blog - me and my sister, because we love tasty food and love how the way we experienced when eating the food or while cooking it.

I mean, who doesn't? Good food always tempting everybody, no?
That's why we find out #foodporn hashtag on social media for food photographing of course, there's no real porn about.

So we decide to made this blog for share our experience about food. Cullinary review, such a good place to having meal and cooking recipe we love. You can share yours too on comment box below post.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Where To Eat Delicious Pinch Cake (Kue Cubit) - Traditional Indonesian Snack in Jakarta

Pinch Cake or Kue Cubit is actually an elementary school snack, such as cilok, fried sausages and so on. Now the food hits all ages has even entered the cafe. Besides being tasty, but also because of the strength of how we missed #throwback to the past. People kind a like that, when we still a child we always wanted to growing up, when we grown up all we want is back to the past :D

But I think I'm not, although actually there are many things that I miss but not all of them as well. If we can reverse the past, I want behind the age of 22 - just think :p

I love pinch cake but it is increasingly difficult to come by, and frankly I do not know if the cake is at the best taste when eaten half-cooked. Based with interesting review on the internet, I try this pinch cakes:

#1 Cubite

Cubite is a form of cafes located in Gading Serpong. There is a branch in the form of tent stalls Kelapa Gading in Jakarta Street Food is open from 7 pm. Selling pinch cakes assorted chocolates sprinkles as an original, green tea, kit kat, milo, Ovomaltine and so on. In addition, this place also provides instant noodle and ramen noodles of various types with varying degrees of spiciness that we must fill in the specs that we want to, want to add eggs, meatballs and other dishes as well or we want to eat without add ons.

Tasty drink, and many creative menus. I bought this cheese ovaltine but I forgot the name on menu. This drink contains a milk chocolate, chocolate truffles, and grated cheese. Very tasty.


#2 Pinch Cake Kantin SD (Elementary School Canteen)
Name of stall is Kantin SD, but it is not located in SD (elementary school) even in the Santa Market (Bahasa: Pasar Santa) once before moving to a new place on the Food Fighters Melawai. It's texture is soft, fibrous and solid if bitten. Much like soft cake dough, so after eat this we may really full. Suitable for hungry stomach. I think this is better than the version of Cubite.


#3 We Kue
We Kue located at Lotte Mart is on the 3rd floor Kasablanka area. Well this place offering creative menu of spiders cake and pinch choco lava cake. I taste the original one and choco lava pinch cake. Awful and so soft. Softer texture than cakes made by Kantin SD, in my humble opinion. Probably it's because the batter of pinch cake from Kantin SD more like soft cakes so there is much rough. We Kue's batter is softer and more suitable for a snack if we do want to snacking but were full.

My favorite so far is a chocolava pinch cake that made by We-Kue for tasty and it's soft batter. And yes it's closer from my office and open morning to night. I often make a delivery order when I want to have snack  around my office hours.

Do yo like to eat pinch cake too? You have other references for tasty pinch cake / kue cubit? Let me know... :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Recipe : How to Cook Fried Rice Only with Rice Cooker

Okay, this is my first experience to cooking my own food using only rice cooker. I remember that I cook it around years 2010. I use to be call it fried rice which cooked only by rice cooker.

When I made it, I don't really understand the name of the food I cook but it can be eaten, so it make this food tolerable. My friends tells me the food name is mixed rice or rice meatballs huh? Haha actually I cook this when I'm still living on my boarding house in college.
If you're a college student, living in boarding house and don't have many cooking tools so this recipe will be great for you.

Fried Rice Recipe by Rice Cooker

The cooking tools you need:
Only rice cooker

Green chili
Bouillon cube
Soy sauce

So this is how I made the food: 
Before cooking the core material, I sauteed garlic wear margarine in advance until slightly brown, add onion until fragrant. Then I enter the washed rice below the water to cook the rice, sliced ​​green chili, beef meatballs, a little black pepper, salt, bouillon cube and soy sauce (it should also let existing celery for the green looks, but I forgot to buy it... hhh ) cooked by stirring occasionally to the bottom of rice cooker so the rice can't be charred and blackened.

This is my first cooking results were 'forced' by using only my existing cooking tools, yes... this is my first dish cooked using rice cooker other than ordinary white rice, warm water and instant noodles.

Once the rice is cooked, I sprinkle again with slices of boiled eggs which I got from I aunt when I want to return to the boarding house for the sake of my college life. Somewhat this food kind of like fried rice with a softer texture, because the water is create much difference with fried rice which using rice that is cooked while the rice using rice mixed all the ingredients then cooked together. I ate the mixing rice and nothing happen heheh. So it's healty enough I think. I roughly all the ingredients to make this meal could be valued around IDR 7,000 at that time of course heheh and can be used for two meals. Cheap! Yeah as a college student that time I love anything cheap.
It's too easy to cook this by the way. So I think everyone can do this.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Recipe : How to Make Tim tam Bread Pudding

I thought cooking is a skill that must be trained continuously. If it's not, so we can be easily forgotten. Forget the same dose of seasonings and some tricks while cooking. Well finally I can post the recipe.

Cooking for me at the time, was a way to survive by saving without too miserable :p
Now, I was really happy that my cooking results being liked by husband.

It's been long time really since I made a pudding, finally I made it. I miss homemade puddings as well as cheap fast food packet but homemade pudding was in quite large numbers, so that's enough to make us full and can be adjusted according to taste. FYI, the pudding is one quick easy snacks to be cooked. Yay.

1 1/2 packs of custard powder chocolate flavor
1 packet of Tim tam biscuits any flavor, cut into pieces
Bread, I prefer skinless
Sweetened condensed milk / condensed creamer
Sugar for taste

How to make :
1) Put the 1 pudding powder in a saucepan, mix sugar to taste and water. Stir stir.
2) Boil over low heat
3) Combine sweetened condensed milk or sweetened condensed creamer, stir until boiling
4) Prepare a baking pan heat resistant, put bread and Tim tam biscuits
5) Turn off the heat and let sit, then insert it into a baking dish that has no bread and timtam. Tips pour slowly just by using a vegetable scoop, if poured a lot of pot immediately went up.
6) Allow the pudding to cool and put into the fridge
7) Repeat steps 1,2, and 3 for 1/2 chocolate pudding powder
8) Pour over chocolate pudding hardened up fresh breads and biscuits are up under layers
9) Let stand and store in refrigerator
10) Remove from pan to taste, topped with chocolate sauce topping and chocolate meises.
11) Ready to be enjoyed

This kind of pudding was quick and easy for coffee or tea time. And yes it taste so good. Yum!
Happy cooking! :)