Sunday, October 30, 2016

Culinary Review: Churreria Cafe - Spanish Chocolatier

I just want to try to eat some food at this cafe because it looks so cozy, and there is mille crepes on the menu *yap mille crepes is one of many cake that I like so much ermm as much as cheesecake.

Cherreria main menu is churros, a type of pastry made long-term and cursory resemblance fried cakwe ;P but believe me it taste so much different. There are several kinds of making churros, left long-length with dipping chocolate, cutted and processed as below. Funny though it use oreo biscuits too. And the chocolate taste seriously delicious. At my first visit, I order churros with oreo like this photo below.

I've coming again for ordering the other menu: my favorite mille crepes, drinking something - I forget the drink name but there is topped with oreo too. Mille crepes more taste like vanilla cake. Mille crepes is a cake made from stacks of thin soft crepe with cream but the cream which topped there doesn't taste too much creamy. The cream is light and tasty, not the kind of sticky cream on our mouth and over sweet. Mille crepes here served with vanilla sauce and vanilla ice cream.

mille crepes ;)
 Tasty drink also, but unfortunately I drink it too fast because I am thirstyyy :D

Well the waiters still waiting for more people coming to this cafe, I think because it's still pretty early so was only me and two other people were sitting at separate tables. Oh yes, I've takeaway the chocolate cheesecake. It melted in my mouth and the chocolate mix together with the cheese. A slightly bitter chocolate with not really lots of sugar was my favorite. Type of chocolate flavors that I like :D But because I save this on refrigerator and being eaten when I'm so hungry so I don't get a chance to take some photos! :p

I would love to came here again and again :D

push it, the waiters will came to you

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