Thursday, June 2, 2016

Recipe : How to Make Tim tam Bread Pudding

I thought cooking is a skill that must be trained continuously. If it's not, so we can be easily forgotten. Forget the same dose of seasonings and some tricks while cooking. Well finally I can post the recipe.

Cooking for me at the time, was a way to survive by saving without too miserable :p
Now, I was really happy that my cooking results being liked by husband.

It's been long time really since I made a pudding, finally I made it. I miss homemade puddings as well as cheap fast food packet but homemade pudding was in quite large numbers, so that's enough to make us full and can be adjusted according to taste. FYI, the pudding is one quick easy snacks to be cooked. Yay.

1 1/2 packs of custard powder chocolate flavor
1 packet of Tim tam biscuits any flavor, cut into pieces
Bread, I prefer skinless
Sweetened condensed milk / condensed creamer
Sugar for taste

How to make :
1) Put the 1 pudding powder in a saucepan, mix sugar to taste and water. Stir stir.
2) Boil over low heat
3) Combine sweetened condensed milk or sweetened condensed creamer, stir until boiling
4) Prepare a baking pan heat resistant, put bread and Tim tam biscuits
5) Turn off the heat and let sit, then insert it into a baking dish that has no bread and timtam. Tips pour slowly just by using a vegetable scoop, if poured a lot of pot immediately went up.
6) Allow the pudding to cool and put into the fridge
7) Repeat steps 1,2, and 3 for 1/2 chocolate pudding powder
8) Pour over chocolate pudding hardened up fresh breads and biscuits are up under layers
9) Let stand and store in refrigerator
10) Remove from pan to taste, topped with chocolate sauce topping and chocolate meises.
11) Ready to be enjoyed

This kind of pudding was quick and easy for coffee or tea time. And yes it taste so good. Yum!
Happy cooking! :)

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