Monday, October 31, 2016

Culinary Review: Cake in Jar by Kiting Cake

My sister bought the cake from the online shop because she know I likes chocolate, oreo and any type of cheese. My little sister purchasing the cake from an online shop via instagram that selling very famous cake in a jar, @kitingcake. Cake in a jar is a kind of cupcake that put into the jar with a lid so it can be shipped anywhere. According so many testimonial uploaded by this online shop, that is mostly people told us the cake taste was so great. So I'm automatically drooling and wanted to taste that cake in jar.

When the cake arrived at my office I place it to my office refrigerater. When it getting cold enough, I take it from refrigerator and ready to eat these cake.

Its texture is soft enough anyway. The chocolate is little bit of too much sweetness. It made with so many oreos but unfortunately I can not taste the cheese. Hmm this cake actually not satisfying cheese fan like me. And for packaging? Please do not ask again... drop-dead gorgeous and convincing. One cake in jar priced around 45k-50k anyway. It does not matter anyway for me to pay that much, but I think that cake is expensive because no other than just packaging.

Repurchase? I don't think so..

So this is my personal review, it well worth a try for the curious. But if you found out differences opinion with me, so it still reasonable because maybe we have different favorite taste. If you think as same as me so just reconsider and know that what you bought is the experience, not that actually taste. Haha stay positive!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Culinary Review: Churreria Cafe - Spanish Chocolatier

I just want to try to eat some food at this cafe because it looks so cozy, and there is mille crepes on the menu *yap mille crepes is one of many cake that I like so much ermm as much as cheesecake.

Cherreria main menu is churros, a type of pastry made long-term and cursory resemblance fried cakwe ;P but believe me it taste so much different. There are several kinds of making churros, left long-length with dipping chocolate, cutted and processed as below. Funny though it use oreo biscuits too. And the chocolate taste seriously delicious. At my first visit, I order churros with oreo like this photo below.

I've coming again for ordering the other menu: my favorite mille crepes, drinking something - I forget the drink name but there is topped with oreo too. Mille crepes more taste like vanilla cake. Mille crepes is a cake made from stacks of thin soft crepe with cream but the cream which topped there doesn't taste too much creamy. The cream is light and tasty, not the kind of sticky cream on our mouth and over sweet. Mille crepes here served with vanilla sauce and vanilla ice cream.

mille crepes ;)
 Tasty drink also, but unfortunately I drink it too fast because I am thirstyyy :D

Well the waiters still waiting for more people coming to this cafe, I think because it's still pretty early so was only me and two other people were sitting at separate tables. Oh yes, I've takeaway the chocolate cheesecake. It melted in my mouth and the chocolate mix together with the cheese. A slightly bitter chocolate with not really lots of sugar was my favorite. Type of chocolate flavors that I like :D But because I save this on refrigerator and being eaten when I'm so hungry so I don't get a chance to take some photos! :p

I would love to came here again and again :D

push it, the waiters will came to you

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Cook Ideal Fried Sausage

When cooked, sausage will expand faster and feels a little crispy on the outer surface, while the interior if we bite will bring the taste of meat and sausage seasoning blends or other flavors are cooked along with the sausage. Maybe you prefer to cook sausage in a way to fry, bake or broil sausage then you can learn some simple steps in cooking sausages with perfect results. Well here is how to cook the sausage in a way to fry properly. You can check whether the measures are you doing in cooking sausages for this is correct or not? Or for those of you who have never cooked sausage itself can apply this way.

How to Cook Ideal Fried Sausage
# 1 Heat the pan on the stove
Turn the burner to medium flame, place the flat griddle pan models on the stove and wait a few minutes until hot. When the pan starts to heat marked by gave off fumes from the surface then you are ready to cook.

# 2 Add a little oil
Sausages are usually quite thick and greasy so you do not need to add more oil in the pan is too much, just add a little oil. But if you prefer to eat the sausages fried in plenty of oil and more krispy then you can add a bit much on the oil pan.

# 3 Put the sausages into the frying pan when the oil is hot
Carefully place the sausages in a frying pan one by one.

In a frying sausage, separated by the distance between the sausages so not touching each other. Such separation is essential when cooking so that each side of sausage can be cooked as it should not be hindered by the other side of sausage. If the sausage should we cook quite a lot then it means we have to cook sausage with gradual.

# 4 Cook until browned on both sides
After putting sausage in a frying pan, for a moment let the sausage remains in position without flipping and disturb beforehand. Only after a few minutes, flip side of sausage and turning and turning regularly every few minutes until the sausage to brown both sides. Time sausages to be cooked and browned determined by the size of sausages. If you are cooking the sausages that are large then it will take longer for you always wait for the process of cooking up sausages to be cooked and browned.

# 5 Sliced ​​sausage into two parts if it wants to reduce the cooking time
The cooking process can be very long if we cook the sausages were too big and fat. Waiting until sausage being cooked may cause you get bored. To reduce the cooking time, if you can not wait until cooked well then before putting sausages into the frying pan you can cut the sausage into two flat pieces lengthwise in accordance with the length of sausage. Sausage better when thinner because it will cook faster if it is cooked. In the process of frying tap-tap sausage surface is also so completely exposed to the hot frying pan and immediately well cooked..

So happy trying!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Recipe: How to Cook Simple Fried Bread Rolls

What foods that I interested to cook?
If I being asked like that, hmm I think I'm so confused to answer haha. I love to eat vegetables, so I'd like to cook vegetables. I do love to cook all my favorite food and husband's too. Usually people like to cook their favorite food, isn't it? Well I'm too.

Besides cooking for some 'heavy foods' like rice, some pasta, side dishes and vegetables... I also like to make a quick snack, sometimes I made some of cake or other snack based of some recipe in magazine or I'm having fun with modified the recipe itself.

Well this is the most common food I often made when I feel to drink a cup of coffee and read a book (or writing on my blog), I cook it so many for husband lunch at work too. I name it fried roll bread. You can cook it fast  and so easy without a lot of things that made is failde. But yes you can not left it if you do not want it overcooked. The ingredients is not much, applicable even for you who live in boarding house.

White bread without the edges or plain white bread, remove the crusts
Butter for frying

Cheese slices, can also be varied with grilled sausages or chocolate peanut butter

Tools needed :
Pan or nonstick skillet for frying
Wooden spoon
Cutting board
Rolling pin

How to make :
1) Take a loaf of bread and put it onto the cutting board, remove the crusts and roll it with rolling pin until flat
2) After the bread's edges being cutted and flat, put on it anything you like such as cheese or sausages or chocolate butter
3) Roll the bread with it's fill, then glue the bread with egg yolk so the bread does not opened when it was being fried
4) Repeat steps 1-3 until we have had enough of roll bread with filling
5) Heat the butter over the pan, fry the bread rolls with butter until brownish
6) Pick up from the fry pan, ready to be served.
It's so yummy if being eaten while warm with a cup of coffee, tea or any drink you like. So delicious, the melted cheese inside a bread roll, addicting!

Have a try! :D