Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Topping Donut

I just want to make the snacks but they still lazy to use the oven, so I decide to make a simple donut. Please note if you want to make donut as well as me that it is not require complicated tools just a few bowls for dough, pans and it's soulmate, and damp cloth. It an really made for you who live in boarding school who were want to eat tasty donuts, as long as your boarding house have kitchen facilities and equipment needed.. The recipe also easily practiced anyway :)

Wheat flour as you want
2 egg yolks
Salt (just a little)
Baking powder
Cooking oil

Well, if you want to make it but you don't have much time to learn how to cook it. So can use that already mixed premix powder dry, it can be found and bought in pastry shops. But IMHO preferably homemade mix by ourself anyway :)

Wet cloth / plastic wrapping
Frying pan and crockery
Bowls for dough

dark cooking chocolate
Or whatever as you like

How to cook :
1) Mix all the dry ingredients and stir
2) Enter the egg yolks and butter mix well
3) Knead and add a little water to get a good texture, remember not too watery dough. If dilute be difficult to set up.
5) Knead until smooth and cover the dough with a damp cloth (after wetted squeezed so as not to drip yes) or plastic wrap, let sit for approximately 60 minutes
6) The dough will usually inflate doubled from the original, rounded dough, flatten and shape the donut until the dough runs
7) Leave it for 30 minutes
8) Prepare the oil and frying pan until hot, fry the donuts until browned
9) Drain and leave it until not too hot

While waiting our donut not too hot after fry, let's make the topping then.

10) Melt the cooking chocolate or dark cooking chocolate, put in a small bowl heat resistant. Prepare a pan of water half full, put the bowl in a pan of water and simmer until all the chocolate melts
11) Dip in melted chocolate donuts alternately until all donut were topped
12) Sow sprinkle, meses or whatever as you want. In my photo above, I topped my donut with a sweet candy sprinkle. There is also a donut that use cream cheese and a sprinkling of oreo.
13) Serve it, eat it!

Tips. First time I make the donuts,  I use recipes that use only one egg and managed but not too soft, a little hard though it tastes good. Maybe I am less okay when practice the recipe,  add the eggs then for turned out softer
Have a nice try ...;)


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