Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How To Minimize Nausea When You Cook Chicken Curry And You Mistaken With A Coconut Milk

This is my journal when at first time I cook for chicken and mushrooms curry without instant spices. About to more than 5 years ago I think, but it still written on my journal so I bring it here so you can take a tips.

I take care the process by myself from beginning to ready being eaten. I usually just bought instant spices and seasoning then I just mix all the ingredients. And I realized one thing after I take care of raw chicken by washing and cleaning managed to make me feel bad. I cant tell that it is bad for my appetite, but since I had already purchased the chicken so I think I should eat that. Organic chicken not that cheap for purchase, and yeah it is an organic chicken so it won't hurt.

Usually when we are cooking chicken curry together, my sister is the one who cleans the chicken so that is ready to put in the stew seasoning. I think I don't want to cook raw chicken again with my own care process from the beginning, uh ... * horror active mode. At home we usually make this food with raw coconut milk but we maintain to produce coconut milk consistency are a little thin, not too thick. So this is the first time I use instant coconut milk for cooking and I was surprised that the levels of consistency it seems beyond my expectations. This is thicker consistency coconut milk I ever met.

Moreover I can't find any ginger, lime leaves (which is said to relieve nausea in dishes with coconut milk) and lemongrass in a stall, all of them drying extremely, because shop owners have no refrigerator to store it. But unfortunately I really need them because I made mistake when putting all coconut milk I have, I need to put them for taste correction. With the thick consistency of coconut milk, my chicken curry made me nausea whenever I taste it.

The taste of salty and spicy flavor on that chicken curry somehow could not be mixed well with a savory taste of the thick coconut milk. So I try to squeezed lime and stir to blend the lemon extract with chicken curry. It fillany mixed, I stir it again and take some for taste... I smile happily because the nausea feel from coconut flavor was a little faded. I mix it again and squeezed a little more lemon juice and curry flavor dense thick coconut milk that makes it more thinning the nausea feel again. So it feels lighter, and I found out a balance mixing between spices and coconut milk. Eventually this could be eaten and I know how to solve this problem, hehe ... * tacky me when I wrote that just might not know the solution well like this? There is still a lot to learn for me.

Maybe that's why my aunt told me to buy no more food outside and cook my own meal in the boarding house, try things that I had never experienced. Before this, I has big dependent on food stalls. And of course to be able cooking some food, it's always takes a long process of trial and error ... if error error that was already perceived so it must sooner or later will never be a big problem anymore right?

I just now actually realize that it is true, the most expensive good teacher is a teacher named experience.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Street Food Hunter : Satay Chan

A       : "Hey look it this" *sent a photo*

Me    : "What it is?"
B       : "Hmmm its a new culinary in Malang?I've been trying it in Semarang. Everyone's name it                     Can can hmm I forget, but its very spicy"
A       : "Yup and its a delicious hmmm one is not enough... Satay chan satay chan..."

After having a long time discussion, we decide to have a dinner time in the satay chan in another time. Yesterday I visited my friend to pick my flash disk. Coincidentally Malang was raining and its make hungry. Becoming a headline in our community the day before I become curious then my friend and I decide to go to the Satay Chan stand. She said that she forgot the address but we find it YAY!! Here it is
its a satay chan stand

Grilling satay chan

Satay Chan ready to serve

Okay, you may curious Satay Chan? What it is? What is the difference between satay chan and another satay?

Satay chan is a satay (of course) from chicken meat that grill without ketchup and peanut sauce its why satay chan have a white colour and the side dish is spicy sauce (contain of chilli, onion, and garlic) with lime. So the difference between satay chan and another satay is the seasoning. For you that like spicy food you must try this food and for everyone who are dieting its a safe dish for you hehe.

I'll give a review for satay chan. It's a delicious satay and unique cause have a different colour with spicy sauce (it's like "sambal bawang//onion sauce") for me, but its very nice for your hungry SOS maybe sometimes you can make challenge "Satay Chan challenge". I give a 9/10 for satay chan. Ah, maybe its a recommendation for owner maybe next time make a level of spiciness. Its more challenging, right? FYI Satay Chan logo is "Satay Chan with Japaness letter" but I'm not sure if Satay Chan originally from Japan or there is a reason like to persuade people. But I like the stand design feel like a food street in the neighbour country.

Address : Corner of Jl. Welirang near of Bebek Pak Slamet Jl. Merapi

Media Social

IG: @sataychan      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sataychan/                       
Price  : Satay chan : Rp 18.000      Lontong  : Rp. 2000

Open   : Everyday at 8 p.m

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Recipe: How to Make Chicken Wing Looks Delicious

What is your favorite part of chicken you like? Almost all of you answer breast chicken is your favorite part, but come-on guys you so yesterday....

You know what's in this era people are crazy to make something more delicious than we're expecting. Chicken foot which indonesian mention as "ceker ayam" transform become a delicious food if the chef mix them with spicy seasoning with the level of spiciness and everyone like it and willing to queue up.

Then what should we do to make wing chicken delicious as breast chicken even we need an extra time to eat them (cause almost part of wing chicken containing bones)??
What about make it like Korean food?? Almost scene of Korean drama shows that the cast eats a wing chicken with Korean sauce. Okay, let's cook it!!!!

Chicken wings
Seasoned flour

1. Wash chicken well and add salt, pepper, coriander, garlic, and onion (that has been mashed). Mix it and refrigerate it about 60 minutes.
2. Prepare flour in the bowl
3. Mix flour and seasoned flour
3. Prepare egg in the bowl
4. Insert chicken in the flour than to the egg bowl and back to the flour
5. Last step insert it to breadcrumb and mix it
6. Put chicken into the frying pan and make sure that heat oil in heavy temperature to make wing chicken meat well done
7. Enjoy it with teriyaki, barbeque, black pepper, or cheese sauce (an instant sauce that you can find it in the supermarket)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Craving For Crabs in "Cut The Crab" Restaurant - Kelapa Gading Jakarta

So sorry for my late updates. I'm kind of busy lately.

On weekend, I agreed to meet my good friend Monik in Cut the Crab, a seafood resto concept of eating at a table directly seafood you have ordered. Eating at the table without a plate and other eating instruments. Before many similar concept restaurants this time, I thought Cut the Crab was the pioneer resto that allow their customers to eat sea food by eating at the table.

At that time we ordered soft shelled crabs that can be directly eaten without  peeled because I was again cold and fever, super hungry and wanted a quick meal. We ordered set menu package per serving. We booked a package of soft-shelled crab with scallops, shrimp, sausage and broccoli. 2 servings of rice and unsweetened tea.

After ordered, the waiter immediately lining our table with plastic and oil paper and he gives an apron logos cut the crab to avoid splashing food while enjoying the meal. When the order is ready to be served, the waitress carefully opened the plastic packs containing food that we ordered on our table.

Ooohh so this is our crab being served. Anyway... we've seen so many corn and potato side dishes plus it looks soo tasty *slurp haha ​*. I realized that I was starving.

It's cooked and topped using the Padang seasoning sauce. Tasty anyway, crab crispy, tasty sausages and seashell, corn and sweet potato. Little bit complicated because we have to eat the sea shell after removed the shell first. All tasty to be honest, but my tongue is still lacking kicking marinade. What may be the height of my expectations huh? It's lil bit difficult because I actually expected that the crab curry will be so spicy. But it's not. Hm.

This restaurant is so cozy, they offer friendly service and food that we want served hardly fast. We can eat while had so long chit chat and there is a small mosque, if you need to pray so don't be worry for it.

Oh yeah I forgot to photographed all the menu sheet, but price of each food menu at this restaurant packages is start from around 100,000 per person.

Do you seafood junkie? You need to try these.

Restaurant name : Cut The Crab
Location : Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara / North Jakarta - Indonesia
Price : start from 100,000 per person