Monday, October 31, 2016

Culinary Review: Cake in Jar by Kiting Cake

My sister bought the cake from the online shop because she know I likes chocolate, oreo and any type of cheese. My little sister purchasing the cake from an online shop via instagram that selling very famous cake in a jar, @kitingcake. Cake in a jar is a kind of cupcake that put into the jar with a lid so it can be shipped anywhere. According so many testimonial uploaded by this online shop, that is mostly people told us the cake taste was so great. So I'm automatically drooling and wanted to taste that cake in jar.

When the cake arrived at my office I place it to my office refrigerater. When it getting cold enough, I take it from refrigerator and ready to eat these cake.

Its texture is soft enough anyway. The chocolate is little bit of too much sweetness. It made with so many oreos but unfortunately I can not taste the cheese. Hmm this cake actually not satisfying cheese fan like me. And for packaging? Please do not ask again... drop-dead gorgeous and convincing. One cake in jar priced around 45k-50k anyway. It does not matter anyway for me to pay that much, but I think that cake is expensive because no other than just packaging.

Repurchase? I don't think so..

So this is my personal review, it well worth a try for the curious. But if you found out differences opinion with me, so it still reasonable because maybe we have different favorite taste. If you think as same as me so just reconsider and know that what you bought is the experience, not that actually taste. Haha stay positive!


  1. Waduh kalau begini mah jadi pengen nyoba juga nih mbak seperti muantappp kalau dicoba ku saya, ahi hi hi.

  2. Better you make it yourself sis, eventhough it's not as delicious as picture on the recipe but you'll find the delicious effort