Thursday, August 4, 2016

Recipe: How to Make Chicken Wing Looks Delicious

What is your favorite part of chicken you like? Almost all of you answer breast chicken is your favorite part, but come-on guys you so yesterday....

You know what's in this era people are crazy to make something more delicious than we're expecting. Chicken foot which indonesian mention as "ceker ayam" transform become a delicious food if the chef mix them with spicy seasoning with the level of spiciness and everyone like it and willing to queue up.

Then what should we do to make wing chicken delicious as breast chicken even we need an extra time to eat them (cause almost part of wing chicken containing bones)??
What about make it like Korean food?? Almost scene of Korean drama shows that the cast eats a wing chicken with Korean sauce. Okay, let's cook it!!!!

Chicken wings
Seasoned flour

1. Wash chicken well and add salt, pepper, coriander, garlic, and onion (that has been mashed). Mix it and refrigerate it about 60 minutes.
2. Prepare flour in the bowl
3. Mix flour and seasoned flour
3. Prepare egg in the bowl
4. Insert chicken in the flour than to the egg bowl and back to the flour
5. Last step insert it to breadcrumb and mix it
6. Put chicken into the frying pan and make sure that heat oil in heavy temperature to make wing chicken meat well done
7. Enjoy it with teriyaki, barbeque, black pepper, or cheese sauce (an instant sauce that you can find it in the supermarket)

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