Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Culinary Review: Nyi Kenoh Chips

Have you heard Nyi Kenoh?
I reviewed it in my precious post at listeninda.com
I'm a big fan of spicy food and I'm very curious to try it. At that time I was craving for Gurilem and I love Basreng too, so I try the two variants. Info for Nyi Kenoh chips and all variant product available in their instagram @kripiknyikenoh.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Culinary Review: Eating Seafood at Muara Karang

Hallo foodies!

Have you heard about Muara Karang?

I live in Jakarta at about two or three years, but I never heard Muara Karang before or I just heard coversation like "Muara Angke near the office building". I only hear not come to that place until my friend invite me to join the lunch at Muara Karang. I am a seafood lover and in my home town I can eat seafood until I feel full but in Jakarta seafood too expensive although eating alone. So I join my friend to lunch together. She said, wear casual mode and don't forget to bring toilet sanitizer cause its not a hangout in the mall.

We go to the Muara Karang by taxi from sunter with the condition I'm very hungry. Its very wasting time when we must find another road cause the road we always through is under construction. Im hungry too much...

Taxi stop in the gate of fish market and I don't know its cause taxi not allowed or the driver did not want to entry the gate. Its normal cause the area is prone to flooding. When we walk to the restaurant we past the flood area. There is a line of restaurant and we decide to choose the best one.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Culinary Review: Delicious Local Burger Joint, The Famous 'Blenger Burger'

For the first time I know about Blenger Burger is in the TV culinary program that report by Mr. Bondan and its very long time ago until I'm drooling with the Mr. Bondan review. I think its happend when I'm in senior high school.

Several months from that day in Malang there are the kind of Burger like Burger Buto and Klenger Burger. I'm very curious, but I still want to eat Blenger Burger that only has stores in Jakarta. When I am moving to Jakarta, I forgot Blenger Burger until several months ago Gojek officially launched their new menu Go Food and Blenger Burger become one of the best seller menu. In fact, the nearest store is still far away from home, but not more than 25 km so Go Food can provide me this best seller menu. So I decide to buy Blenger Burger as soon as possible.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Culinary Review: Bakso Jawir - Tanjung Duren Jakarta, One of My Favourite Meatball Place

Someday, driver in my office recommends me to the most favorite meatball depend on his tongue. He calls it Bakso Jawir, he always comes to the restaurant together with the chief to take care client. Almost the client come from Japanese and they very interested with this meatball. He tells me that the meatball taste is spicy (very hot) and its make me curious cause I like spicy food too much.

With the curiosity, I am browsing about the meatball and I find that the nearest location of Bakso Jawir at Tanjung Duren.