Friday, September 30, 2016

Culinary Review: Tteokbokki and Jajangmyeon

So meanwhile when my sister came to Jakarta, she really wants to eat Tteokbokki and jajangmyeon Korean food. Because if we trying it out in a Korean restaurant itself, we somehow lil bit cautious about the halal status, so we decided to buy from the online shop selling halal Korean food products. The Tteokbokki made by the seller herself anyway. My sister and I bought a package that contains tteokbokki, oden, dumpling and jajanmyeon.

Indeed, as a fan of Korean dramas, Tteokbokki looked awful and spicy with color. But when it already being cooked hemm ... turned out not match with our expectation. I expect tteokbokki is similar with cilok (aci dicolok) in Korean snacks style, it's kind of lil bit tasty anyway... and there's odeng that made from tofu and we mixed it well.

Actually it quite delicious, but seriously it doesn't fit well in East Java tongue like mine who is obsessed with chili and all things spicy. Although it looks spicy, but tteokbokki has sweet sauce as topping.

Ah if I know about that I will only boiled partially of it and the leftovers will continuously dipped in special sauce of Surabaya made by Bu Rudi (Mrs. Rudi)/
So it's about how much our pay for the experience. Fuhh.
The taste of odeng which made from tofu is also awful in fact, and that dumpling too.

But surprisingly the Jajangmyeonnya was soo tasty and delicious. Jajangmyeon is black noodles with soy sauce. Seriously delicious ... but - again - it not as spicy as I expected. Heheh * brb put more sambal for topping*

It was difficult for me and my sister who the big fans of spicy and indonesian tasty food even we adore korean dramas and it look like soo tasty when we watched the drama heheh. Without sambel-or spicy sauce that much or instant noodle, I thought having to stay some time in Korea will be lovely. But not for so long time ofcourse.