Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recipe: Crispy Fried Banana with Cheese Filling


Crispy fried banana with cheese is one of my favorite foods while still in college, well if I remember back then I was willing to walk quite far just to buy the bananas fried cheese. If I decide to cook by my own it maybe will waste many banana that purchased because we can just buy bananas for one or two piece back then. And I also do not capable to eat all by myself and off course it will be so expensive anyway. 1 portion of crispy fried banana will cost me 3,500 IDR, I do not know if they're still sell it or not.

Because I miss eating this food so much, so I buy crispy fried bananas not far from my home, but crispy banana that sell near my house has a different version with what I craved for so much. They made crispy banana shaped long and mixing flour with a topping of cheese, not cheese filling. So I already decided to make it by myself.

ingredients 1
Wheat flour
a little cornstarch
Granulated sugar to taste
Cooking oil

ingredients 2
Wheat flour taste
Sweetened condensed milk / sugar
Bread crumbs
cheese sheet
Less water

How to make :
1. Make the dough part 1 with the bananas, flour, water and sugar as you like. Add a little cornmeal then fried banana mix in a pan with hot oil and after being cooked well, drain until it in room temperature.
2. Create dough part 2 with an egg batter, a little water, sweetened condensed milk / sugar and flour as you like.
3. Slice the side of fried plantains to the middle and fill with cheese sheet that has been sliced ​​or small folded in between slices of fried banana. If you just have cheese block in your kitchen so just go on, but the cheese sheets realy melt faster and soft so as filling of the crispy banana I prefer to use slice of cheese.
4. Dip the fried bananas that have been cooked with cheese filling inside into the dough, then roll into bread crumbs until all surface is covered
5. Fry
6. Serve while still warm

So easy, doesn't it?

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