Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Recipe: Fried Bread Roll

Which food that you love to cook?
If asked so, I'll be so confused huh... I'd like to eat vegetables and also love to cook it, what food that I love to cook usually affected by the same favorite food. Yes, right?

Besides cooking for rice, side dishes and vegetables... I also like to make a quick snack sometimes I modified some recipe or by my own idea, sometimes I cook by easy recipes that I found from anywhere.

Well this is the most common food I make as a drink coffee companion, it will be nice when I eat it with coffee or tea while read a book (or blogging). I also often made it for my husband lunch at work. I named it fried bread roll. So easy to cook without a lot of complicated thing, but don't left it even for a second if you do not want it overcooked ;p

The ingredients is also not much, so of course you can made it easily.

White bread without the edges or plain white bread, remove the crusts
Butter for frying

Cheese sheets, can also be varied with grilled sausages or chocolate peanut butter

Tools needed :
Pan or nonstick skillet for frying
Wooden spoon
Cutting board
cup cylinders

How to make :
1) Take a loaf of bread and put it onto the cutting board, flatten the bread
2) After flatten put the filling on it, such as cheese or sausages or butter chocolate
3) Roll bread with filling in it, glue with the egg so the roll of bread does not open when you fried it
4) Repeat steps 1-3 until we have had enough of roll bread that we wants
5) Heat the butter over the pan, fry pan over the bread rolls with butter
6) Pick up, ready to be served.

Most delicious eaten while warm with a cup of coffee, tea or other. It so yummy with melted cheese inside bread roll, addicting! Easy cook recipe doesn't mean have a so so taste ;)

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