Sunday, June 19, 2016

Where To Eat Delicious Pinch Cake (Kue Cubit) - Traditional Indonesian Snack in Jakarta

Pinch Cake or Kue Cubit is actually an elementary school snack, such as cilok, fried sausages and so on. Now the food hits all ages has even entered the cafe. Besides being tasty, but also because of the strength of how we missed #throwback to the past. People kind a like that, when we still a child we always wanted to growing up, when we grown up all we want is back to the past :D

But I think I'm not, although actually there are many things that I miss but not all of them as well. If we can reverse the past, I want behind the age of 22 - just think :p

I love pinch cake but it is increasingly difficult to come by, and frankly I do not know if the cake is at the best taste when eaten half-cooked. Based with interesting review on the internet, I try this pinch cakes:

#1 Cubite

Cubite is a form of cafes located in Gading Serpong. There is a branch in the form of tent stalls Kelapa Gading in Jakarta Street Food is open from 7 pm. Selling pinch cakes assorted chocolates sprinkles as an original, green tea, kit kat, milo, Ovomaltine and so on. In addition, this place also provides instant noodle and ramen noodles of various types with varying degrees of spiciness that we must fill in the specs that we want to, want to add eggs, meatballs and other dishes as well or we want to eat without add ons.

Tasty drink, and many creative menus. I bought this cheese ovaltine but I forgot the name on menu. This drink contains a milk chocolate, chocolate truffles, and grated cheese. Very tasty.


#2 Pinch Cake Kantin SD (Elementary School Canteen)
Name of stall is Kantin SD, but it is not located in SD (elementary school) even in the Santa Market (Bahasa: Pasar Santa) once before moving to a new place on the Food Fighters Melawai. It's texture is soft, fibrous and solid if bitten. Much like soft cake dough, so after eat this we may really full. Suitable for hungry stomach. I think this is better than the version of Cubite.


#3 We Kue
We Kue located at Lotte Mart is on the 3rd floor Kasablanka area. Well this place offering creative menu of spiders cake and pinch choco lava cake. I taste the original one and choco lava pinch cake. Awful and so soft. Softer texture than cakes made by Kantin SD, in my humble opinion. Probably it's because the batter of pinch cake from Kantin SD more like soft cakes so there is much rough. We Kue's batter is softer and more suitable for a snack if we do want to snacking but were full.

My favorite so far is a chocolava pinch cake that made by We-Kue for tasty and it's soft batter. And yes it's closer from my office and open morning to night. I often make a delivery order when I want to have snack  around my office hours.

Do yo like to eat pinch cake too? You have other references for tasty pinch cake / kue cubit? Let me know... :)

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