Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Culinary Review: Nyi Kenoh Chips

Have you heard Nyi Kenoh?
I reviewed it in my precious post at listeninda.com
I'm a big fan of spicy food and I'm very curious to try it. At that time I was craving for Gurilem and I love Basreng too, so I try the two variants. Info for Nyi Kenoh chips and all variant product available in their instagram @kripiknyikenoh.

At the bottom is Gurilem and the top is Basreng. Nyi Kenoh's Gurilem for me too salty and not spicy like Maicih's Gurilem that more spicy and delicious. But for Nyi Kenoh's Basreng I give two thumbs up. The basreng thick and wide also spicy.

Oh I also try Krupuk Bantat but I forget to snap it. Krupuk bantat is like curly chips but more thiny than curly chips, but is very spicy and delicious to eat them with warm rice. And for another variant I not yet to try, but if someday I try another variant I'll do a review then :)

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