Thursday, June 29, 2017

Culinary Review: Enjoying All You Can Eat Dimsum in Bamboo Dimsum Kelapa Gading

I am one of the many fans of dimsum, especially the stew dimsum. Dimsum is a food made from vegetables, shrimp, chicken and other meat that are given flour and spices then covered with dumpling batter in slices then cooked by steaming or fried.

But eating dimsum even the delicious one could make us thinking about the prices :p. One serving dimsum usually consists of 3 to 4 pieces only, and the restaurant prices for one serving of dimsum is about 17.000 rupiah or up. If you found 1 serving of dimsum which price is about 12,000 to 15,000 rupiah, it's reconsider very cheap.

If dimsum was one of your favorite menu just like I am, it will be not enough if you just eat one or two servings only because it's tiny-tiny so it's just like we eating regular snack :D When I eating dimsum with my friends, we usualy bought at least 6-7 servings of dimsum.

Bamboo Dimsum
I got an info from my friends for dimsum fans who want to eat dimsum as much as they one without too much cost on Bamboo Dimsum. So this concept of this dimsum place was all you can eat. It is not far from my office in North Jakarta. Yes it turns out that although there are several branches nearby but not the same from one to another. Bamboo Dimsum there is a price per serving such as restaurant dimsum generally but there is also a special branch that serve for all you can eat dimsum.

Bulletin board that relieves all dimsum fans :))

All You Can Eat Bamboo Dimsum Resto
In order dimsum fans who wanted to eat a lot but also want to saving money, me and Kak Naomi decided to visit branch of Bamboo Dimsum that serve all you can eat dimsum nearby at Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading. To arrive on the area, we should follow the google maps, it was near many resto there.

That place does not inaccessible to use taxi, but due rather of one way traffic so when we need to back to office, the cab driver kind of in difficult situation traffic when needed to pick up us.

It's about a lunch hour when we arrive there and noone there except the waiter. Cool, my friend said the all you can eat dimsum branch always full of people want to eating there. Upon arrival, the waitress who served us explain the rules, the price of dimsum not per serving but per person! Only 53,000 per person as wrote in bulletin board. The waitress also explained that the price we paid does not include bottled drinks. There are hot tea for free but it's too hot, it needed to aerate before we could drink it. Of course we need to drink properly while eat -_-. Luckily we bring a bottle of mineral water from the office, just in case. Yes we still have to buy more bottled water again near the cashier (and FYI the price of bottled drink kinda expensive).

After chatting about 15 minutes our dimsum served! Well, then waitress brought many serving of dimsum that on the tray. It was many kinds, we can choose and take up which one we want. When all dimsum eaten, the waitress come again bring different types of dimsum. I and Kak Naomi prefer the boiled ones, so for the fried ones dimsum we just take some of them.

It's nice to come here in workday lunch time. In weekend, it will take a long time to wait for our dimsum served because that place will be so crowded. I feel lucky to come at that time anyway, it will be our right to get the best serving heheh. According to the waitress this place usually so crowded in weekend or after office hours.

The dimsum taste good, well... it's not super delicious with that small serving and any other condition, the size is certainly smaller than the regular Bamboo Dimsum serving (not all you can eat) which is usually per serving worth 17.000 rupiah upwards. But it's really worth the price. It's worth to coming back again. Hehe once stopped here, me and Kak Naomi can eat about 20 servings together, we also don't take any breakfast this morning for this haha. We're really satisfied eating dimsum that day ;P

Eating Tips in Bamboo Dimsum
One : Please note, you can take whatever you want but with the condition that you should eaten them all. So don't be too much ordering dimsum... because if we could not finished them, we must pay per serving that we can't finished 10,000 IDR.

Two : Nah kalau kamu suka dimsum juga?
If you want to eat comfortably and want to eat many dimsum here, I suggest you come in lunch time on working days.

Well do you like dimsum, too? Try this place! I personally recommended :)


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