Friday, February 24, 2017

Culinary Review: Delicious Local Burger Joint, The Famous 'Blenger Burger'

For the first time I know about Blenger Burger is in the TV culinary program that report by Mr. Bondan and its very long time ago until I'm drooling with the Mr. Bondan review. I think its happend when I'm in senior high school.

Several months from that day in Malang there are the kind of Burger like Burger Buto and Klenger Burger. I'm very curious, but I still want to eat Blenger Burger that only has stores in Jakarta. When I am moving to Jakarta, I forgot Blenger Burger until several months ago Gojek officially launched their new menu Go Food and Blenger Burger become one of the best seller menu. In fact, the nearest store is still far away from home, but not more than 25 km so Go Food can provide me this best seller menu. So I decide to buy Blenger Burger as soon as possible.

after the driver tells me that maybe its very wasting time cause must queuing So he tell me to make me wait for a long time. Then when I am waiting the driver to send my burger, I decide to snacking some almond cause I'm very hungry


The burger is coming and I can't wait to eat it. The sauce taste is delicious, the bread is fluffy, the meat is delicious like a steak, the vegetable also delicious too, and for sure I hate mayo but I like Blenger burger's mayo so much. I think Blenger burger is more delicious than Carls Jr that for the time its one of my favorite burgers., but different with the portion, Carls Jr is still the big ones. The price around 18K IDR its very cheap and delicious. Someday I'll repurchase it.

pic taken from Okezone
I read the review from Okezone and I find the best photo. FYI, Blenger burger is a local product, the owner name is Mr. Erik Kadarman Subarna (Sundanese name) but sadly the article didn't show the owner photo. For you that like McD burger or BurgerKing I highly recommend you to try Blenger burger and I believe its become your favorite burger too

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