Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cullinary Review: Colette & Lola

Stop by here because of the design of this place was unique, like a carousel with a stand surrounded by colorful horses. Colette & Lola is provide a cake and meals when I read their book of menu but it was not all their resto branch having brunch menu, there is other branch were only provides of drinks and desserts only.

I had curious with their caesar salad, because I am a fan of caesar salad that made by Pancious so I want to try Caesar Salad from Colette & Lola version. Colette & Lola's caesar salad turns out with mushrooms, garlic bread, beef bacon with steamed eggs so eggs textures became so soft. It was nice, but I'd prefer Pancious's version of caesar salad because they use many chickens, and I like that.

Waffle with burger topping was also tasty and made our belly so full, it served in a unique wooden trays like this

What is it? Hmm I already forgotten it names, if I don't mistaken, it was sirloin steak. The presentation was adorable, but it has so small in portions if I compare to another steak place that I previous ordered. Again, I have to admit Colette & Lola is not the expert one for steak menu's. If you big fans of steak, I think you shouldn't ordered steak here.


Collete & Lola's dessert according to my taste was too sweet that I can't accept that since I don't really like too sweet food, but their chocolate cake is quite acceptable it my mouth. But my friend really like this place because she's actually really like sweet food. But that place is so comfortable and cozy for a chat despite we just ordered their dessert.
I can say it has premium price even only for per portion of meal and dessert.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Cullinary Review: Brownies Dear_Brownie

My young sister brought for me red velvet and green tea brownies as gift. That brownies currently such a hit in Malang, she said. The brownies appearance was cute but when I try to eat that hmm it's too sweet in my tongue, and the brownies taste was not as good as it appearance. Just so so. But this is according to my taste experience and opinion so let say it was my version. Because my younger sister said that her friends really like this and they think it is delicious. But this brownies actually a healthy homemade one, worth to eat.
Note that the tast feels so much more bearable after I put in the refrigerator.

Want to try eating this brownie? You can order this via instagram dear_brownie.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recipe: Crispy Fried Banana with Cheese Filling


Crispy fried banana with cheese is one of my favorite foods while still in college, well if I remember back then I was willing to walk quite far just to buy the bananas fried cheese. If I decide to cook by my own it maybe will waste many banana that purchased because we can just buy bananas for one or two piece back then. And I also do not capable to eat all by myself and off course it will be so expensive anyway. 1 portion of crispy fried banana will cost me 3,500 IDR, I do not know if they're still sell it or not.

Because I miss eating this food so much, so I buy crispy fried bananas not far from my home, but crispy banana that sell near my house has a different version with what I craved for so much. They made crispy banana shaped long and mixing flour with a topping of cheese, not cheese filling. So I already decided to make it by myself.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Recipe: Fried Bread Roll

Which food that you love to cook?
If asked so, I'll be so confused huh... I'd like to eat vegetables and also love to cook it, what food that I love to cook usually affected by the same favorite food. Yes, right?

Besides cooking for rice, side dishes and vegetables... I also like to make a quick snack sometimes I modified some recipe or by my own idea, sometimes I cook by easy recipes that I found from anywhere.

Well this is the most common food I make as a drink coffee companion, it will be nice when I eat it with coffee or tea while read a book (or blogging). I also often made it for my husband lunch at work. I named it fried bread roll. So easy to cook without a lot of complicated thing, but don't left it even for a second if you do not want it overcooked ;p

The ingredients is also not much, so of course you can made it easily.