Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recipe: How to Make A Meat Siomay

It’s a rainy season and it will be easy to hungry. Need snacking more, but in this rainy season no one selling food around my house or maybe if my lucky day there is a seller around my house... I/m too lazy too move. Hehe

I wanna snacking with small size, delicious, and at least no need worried with the calory of the food but easy to make it. Hmm, I think siomay is the best choice but first I must check my refrigerator to make sure that I have enough ingredients to make siomay. And its surprisingly, that all the ingredients are available in my storage. So let's cook!

Dumpling skin
Sugar ½ teaspoon
Tapioca flour
Green onion (optional)

How to make:
Minced meat and mixed with water, salt, and pepper
Mashed it with the food processor
Minced the carrot or maybe rasps it
Crush garlic and onion. Make sure that the amount of garlic is more than an onion. For comparison it up to you cause I haven’t the exact size.
Mixed the meat with tapioca, a tablespoon of flour, green onion, sugar, and crushed garlic and onion
Mixed it well and add water until the dough have a better texture
For carrot it’s an optional. You can make it for topping also mixed it. For me, I like to mixed it, but in other hand my husband dislike its
Make the dough like a ball
Take a dumpling skin, then put the dough into the dumpling skin
Steamed it at about 30 minutes
Siomay already serves with peanut or chilli sauce
FYI, you can make friend siomay too its up to you, but for healthy reason I choose steamed siomay. You can serve siomay with soup broth for the side dish. Its simple but delicious

Do you like siomay too?

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