Saturday, January 28, 2017

Culinary Review: Surabaya Snowcake

When I’m in Surabaya that related to my status as a job seeker, I always plan a time to meet my friends. We always have a different place to meet up, but at that time we decided to meet in one of the big mall in Surabaya. We choose mall to the meet up point cause in the mall we can choose any food from many vendors. The favorite meeting up is a food court, a place that serves table and chairs for free with various meals.
My friend tells me that in Surabaya there is new’s food that can bring as a souvenir. My friends and I very curious with this kind of food. This food officially open on Januari that it’s relative newly in Surabaya. Zaskia Sungkar is the brand ambassador. This food name is Surabaya Snowcake and Zaskia Sungkar as a Snow Queen.
Surabaya Snowcake is a cake actually with layers. The bottom of the layer is a pastry hmm I think it’s a crunchy pastry. Then in the middle is a bread, Surabaya people say it’s a “lapis surabaya”. Then the top of the layer is a pastry with snow topping or cheese topping. Surabaya Snowcake serve varian menu like Surabaya Snowcake Vanilla, Surabaya Snowcake Cheese, Surabaya Snowcake Choco Banana, Surabaya Snowcake Chocolate Greentea, and Surabaya Snowcake Caramel.
For me, Surabaya Snowcake gimme the cold sensation in the first bite when you eat the cake except Surabaya Snowcake Cheese. It’s give a happy happy experience like you can taste a heavy cake with crunchy pastry on one bite. It’s very interesting for me. At that time I already try Surabaya Snowcake Cheese, Surabaya Snowcake Vanilla, and Surabaya Snowcake Choco Banana. And my favorite one is Surabaya SNowcake Cheese.

Wanna try?

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